Nina Alfresc Designs Wall Garden with Courtyard and clay planter 500 pxw
We have a strong dedication towards creating bespoke gardens that derives from the combination of our vision and your requirements to provide you with the final product that you desire.
In our work, we take under consideration other aspects, for example your health (asthma, allergies, and special needs) to create gardens fulfilling your personal needs and the aesthetics of your space.
In the process of designing a garden we love the challenge of creating an outdoor room that can become a wonderful extension of your interior leaving space to be enjoyed and appreciated throughout all seasons.
Wheter family or hobby, entertaining or relaxing, calming sensory or therapeutic horticultural activities gardens, we can design it all for you in variety of themes and styles that are suitable to the suroundings of your future garden.
We will listen to you, work with you and make sure that your own ideas and inspirations will be implemented in the design.
We will provide you with a professional advice, conceptual designs, plans, hardscape and softscape specifications.
Upon your request, we will help you with appointing planting suppliers, builder providers, landscapers and other contractors along with the supervision of their works.